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What if we really tried to save our civilization? An introduction to Plan B

Plan B is a project that will develop, by 2025, a comprehensive emergency climate mitigation plan that would in effect eliminate fossil fuel use and bring net greenhouse gas emissions to zero in 20 years or less in all participating regions. The necessity of such a plan is highlighted not only by continuing lackluster performance of global climate policies, but also by recent preliminary modeling results from forthcoming IPCC AR6, suggesting that climate sensitivity to increasing concentration of greenhouse gases may be significantly higher than previously assumed. If these preliminary results are confirmed, or current policies fail to deliver necessary results, an emergency program will be required.

The project is undertaken under the auspices of Lappeenranta University of Technology’s Sustainability Change research group, with Dr. Janne M. Korhonen as the principal investigator. Maija Li Raudaskoski acts as project manager. Additional personnel are being recruited.

The project is currently funded by the Kone Foundation.